SAFE ENVIRONMENT to become Biofertilizer

The digestate produced is a liquid product ideal for land spreading with existing farm machinery. The nutrient rich digestate is an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizer.

Land spreading can be carried out by any of the following applications: Trail and shoe, Splash plate and Umbilical. An advantage of using digestate is that all material is guaranteed to be under 12mm due to the macerator that chops up any larger particles before entering the pasteurization tanks. This procedure prevents costly stoppages caused by blockages when spreading.

During spreading season a major additional cost to farmers and contractors is the time lost travelling on roads. We can provide a nurse tank for rental to ensure efficiency is maximized while spreading.

Unsure about using digestate? Here’s what our current users think.

Testimonials on digestate

Colin Bateman

Tillage Farmer

I’ve been using digestate for the past number of years and have found it to be an excellent substitute for chemical fertilizer. I’ve made significant input savings without compromising crop yield


Tillage Farmer

We spread digestate on spring barley last year. We spread approximately 1/3 less chemical fertilizer using digestate as a substitute. We found the soil organic matter content increased having spread digestate. The saving on chemical fertilizer helped offset other rising costs without effecting crop yield.